Eye of the beholder

Christian Preachers Brutally Beaten at Gay Pride Festival (Todd Starnes, Fox News Radio)

Says here that when guys show up at a gay pride festival holding signs reading “Repent or Else” and “Jesus Saves From Sin,” they are provoking the celebrants.

So why doesn’t this headline read:

Bigots/Haters/Hecklers Beaten at Gay Pride Festival ???

How different were these “Christian Preachers” from the scum of the earth who call themselves members of the Westboro Baptist Church?

What’s the difference between “Christian Preachers” who show up to heckle people at a gay pride event and the “church members” who show up at the funerals of American soldiers to say they’re glad they died because “God hates fags”? 

These were not “Christian Preachers.” They are agitators. They didn’t deserve to get beaten, but they also certainly were there to provoke.

They COULD have stayed home. 

It’s all in how you see it, Todd.

3 thoughts on “Eye of the beholder

  1. It was an all too human event, Steve. Fights like this start at baseball games for goodness sakes. Todd Starnes is either woefully misguided person or a whore for other misguided people. Those two “Christian” preachers were idiots but not really comparable to the disgusting Westboro Baptists. They were almost as stupid as 2 Klansmen standing with signs at a Rap Concert.


    • For the record, my friend Todd Starnes is a delightful fellow and a fine writer. I’d share barbecue and a beer with him anywhere, anytime. His religion-based politics are another thing entirely.


  2. You have a point. Secondly, it is difficult to separate the person from his religion-based politics when they are contrary to your own personal values. I like to think that my religion–Unitarian Universalism, my politics, and my values are coherent. Your colleague probably thinks that, too. While I am not a Christian, I am tired of these unchristian-like people hijacking the name.


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