Very nice

Very nice

I enjoyed a couple of bottles of Palm Belgian Ale at dinner the other night. Enjoyed it enough that I took a picture so I’d remember it next time I’m at the local beer store. (The beard behind the beer is Grant’s, not mine. His beard is much older.)

So let’s talk about today’s proposal by the National Transportation Safety Board to lower the BAC limit for drivers to .05 from .08.

My take . . . If you think lowering the BAC content is intrusive or nanny-state, then you’re drinking too much. According to CNN:

Under current law, a 180-pound male typically will hit the 0.08 threshold after drinking four drinks in an hour, according to an online blood alcohol calculator published by the University of Oklahoma.

If you lower the BAC to .05, then it becomes three drinks in an hour.

IMHO . . . If you’re having more than three drinks in an hour, you don’t belong behind the wheel.

The NTSB says lowering the BAC will save 500-800 loves a year. I’m good with that, too.

I stopped at two beers. It isn’t so hard.

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