Wish I’d said that

Stuff I do that falls below my expected level of maturity:
Say funny things at serious meetings.
Swivel around in desk chairs at Board Meetings.
Jump with two feet into puddles.
Lick the plate of tasty gooey food I just finished, even in a nice restaurant.
Order Milkshakes when others order Soft Drinks.
Catch gently falling Snowflakes in my mouth.
Order Lemonade when others order Beer.
Order a Hot Chocolate when others order Coffee.
Order Ice Cream for dessert at a restaurant when others order Creme Brulée.
Crouch down when I talk to kids so I can communicate face to face.
Sip loudly to get the last drops at the end of milkshakes.
High-five toddlers in passing strollers.

Respectfully Submitted,

(Posted on Facebook by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History.)

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