Wasting our time

A couple of items leaped out from my Twitter feed this morning.

Here’s one:

Here’s the other:

They’re intertwined. We’ve had 37 votes in the House to repeal Obamacare, and everyone knows they’re going nowhere. So what’s the point, Mr. Speaker? Are you there to score points with Republicans? Or are you there to legislate?

Isn’t it time to stop fighting this pointless war over Obamacare? It’s the law. It’s a done deal. And you can host a vote to repeal it every day of the year and it still won’t pass in the Senate. And even if it does, it will be vetoed by the president of the United States.

Why not move on to some other things — like affordable loans for college students — that actually might do some good?

There has to be more to being a congressman than launching your reelection drive the moment you take your oath of office. How about trying to accomplish something while you’re there?

Want to cite a poll, Mr. Boehner? Cite the one that shows public approval of Congress.

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