And now a word from the other side

Supreme Court issues two illegitimate decisions on same-sex marriage (Brian S. Brown,

In the interests of fairness and balance, we offer this opinion from the president of the National Organization for Marriage.

I don’t agree with any of it, but it’s a reasonable opinion . . . or it was until I got to this:

First, a homosexual judge in a long-term gay relationship was assigned the case, and refused to disclose his relationship before declaring that marriage is unconstitutional. 

And that is just plain offensive. By Brown’s logic, a homosexual judge is incapable of making a fair and just decision on a case involving homosexuality. Would he say that black judges shouldn’t be assigned to racial cases? That religious judges shouldn’t be assigned to cases involving religion? Wouldn’t the same supposed bias be attributed to a heterosexual judge in this case?

Implying that the judge who ruled on this case was incapable of doing his job responsibly is an affront to the judge, the judiciary, the citizens of California and pretty much every other decent-thinking American.

That comment is a disgrace. Shame on the writer.

1 thought on “And now a word from the other side

  1. I don’t think it implies that the judge is ‘incapale’ of judging in this matter effectively, only that there is a good chance that sexual orientation will affect his thinking. Why else would the judge hide such details? That seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to think. Also, comparing homosexuality to race is specious. Unlike race, sexuality is not an ‘either/or’ proposition.

    As for the same bias affecting a heterosexual judge — what do you honestly think? A huge amount of people who support same-sex marriage are straight people who just don’t care about traditional marriage. In other words, lots of heterosexual people support it. Married members of parliament in my own country support it, probably because it’s hot in the polls right now. Now if the judge were a very faithful Christian, on the other hand, I would say that would affect his opinion, too.

    Shoebox the hyperbole. The comment’s not a disgrace, nor should its writer feel shame.


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