And now a word from the other side

Supreme Court issues two illegitimate decisions on same-sex marriage (Brian S. Brown,

In the interests of fairness and balance, we offer this opinion from the president of the National Organization for Marriage.

I don’t agree with any of it, but it’s a reasonable opinion . . . or it was until I got to this:

First, a homosexual judge in a long-term gay relationship was assigned the case, and refused to disclose his relationship before declaring that marriage is unconstitutional. 

And that is just plain offensive. By Brown’s logic, a homosexual judge is incapable of making a fair and just decision on a case involving homosexuality. Would he say that black judges shouldn’t be assigned to racial cases? That religious judges shouldn’t be assigned to cases involving religion? Wouldn’t the same supposed bias be attributed to a heterosexual judge in this case?

Implying that the judge who ruled on this case was incapable of doing his job responsibly is an affront to the judge, the judiciary, the citizens of California and pretty much every other decent-thinking American.

That comment is a disgrace. Shame on the writer.