Never stop


I’m posting this picture because you had to ask? Do you think they ever imagined this when they said time was on their side?

My friend Craig Starr wrote:

Rock on, boys. Next town’s just “Down The Road Apiece” (Rolling Stones Now, never will forget that, you guys taught us American white boys about Bo Diddley, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and more. Thanks and God Bless the Rolling Stones! 

And all I can say is . . . Wish I’d said that.

Greatest. Rock. Band. Ever.

Put the 33 on the turntable and let it bleed.

1 thought on “Never stop

  1. I think I can still remember Keith’s intro to that tune, though I never played it with a band, but played it over and over, burning it into memory, like a classical instrumentalist would do with studies (etudes, et alia). It was classic Chuck Berry guitar style, not sure if Berry wrote it, I suspect not. That intro, and Keith’s solo on the tune, was more than I’d ever heard done on the guitar up to that point, and for me, it was the perfect amalgam of blues and pop rock (in retrospect). I could head in no other direction(s): blues, and blues-influenced jazz. Looking and listening back, I can hear Charlie’s jazz influences. Those few Keith licks pushed me, and inertia just took over.


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