@IKEA. #WorstCustomerService. In 54 tweets


The morning after, in my email …

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.25.10 AMOK, Ikea. You asked for it.

5 thoughts on “@IKEA. #WorstCustomerService. In 54 tweets

  1. Steve, This would be funny if it wasn’t so disgusting and typical of the way it goes in too many interactions between customer, client, patient whatever. Whatever has happened to the old fashioned spconcept of calling a number and getting an actual human instead of a menu that never ends.

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  2. I am reeling from reading through these again this morning, I had missed the last update. *sigh* That is the worst, but as you said, Optimum… Oh dear.

    I recently had the worst customer service from Panera Bread. Tweeting helped at first, but in the end… Pffft. But my several screwed up orders have nothing on what you and your mom have been through.

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  3. Steve – you are obviously a man of extraordinary stamina. Most people would be bleeding from the ears and nose. Too bad we are beyond doing these things old school – pick up and delivery by a couple of friends with a van, a six-pack and a pizza. Hey, maybe there’s a business model in there.

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