Because lots of guns and alcohol are a great mix

Illinois Gov. Quinn triggers backlash after changing concealed-carry bill (

Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn triggered a backlash from his own party as well as the NRA on Tuesday after he unilaterally changed legislation meant to allow the carrying of concealed weapons. 

In a challenge to gun-rights supporters, Quinn moved to cap the number of firearms and rounds that can be carried by Illinois residents and ban guns from any place that serves alcohol. 

Well, yeah, I can understand that. What kind of governor would want to keep me from having multiple rounds of bourbon and bullets?

NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam also criticized Quinn’s changes. “Limiting the rights of law abiding people has never been an effective tool in reducing crime. Arresting, prosecuting and punishing criminals is. That’s a simple and straightforward concept that reasonable people grasp,” he said in an email. 

I’m starting to wonder if Andrew Arulanandam has ever been in a bar. In a college town. Because if he has, and if he still thinks all law-abiding people should be allowed to carry multiple loaded firearms into one . . .

Then he’s nuts.

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