Worth reading, 07/03/13


Congressman: ‘An AR-15 Muzzle Flash Is the New Torch of Liberty’ (US News & World Report)

Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, is offering the opportunity to grab a free AR-15 “before Obama does.” The winner of the freshman congressman’s semiautomatic sweepstakes will be selected July 4.

 A Tuesday email circulated by Stockman’s campaign organization urged readers to promptly register for the raffle before midnight Wednesday, warning that President Barack Obama plans to rescind the Second Amendment.

“An AR-15 muzzle flash is the new torch of liberty,” the email attributed to Stockman says. “It’s your chance to drive Obama crazy and light a fire for liberty with every trigger pull.”

Just so we’re clear, that’s a U.S. congressman saying that. And for good measure, he adds:

“Obama would love to grab my Bushmaster AR-15 and have it cut into pieces, along with every other gun in America. Well, I won’t let it happen,” Stockman says. “I want to give my Bushmaster AR-15 to you.”

I’m thinking Stockman and Louis Gohmert are neck-and-neck now in the race to replace Michele Bachmann as the Queen of Crazy. (Did I just call Stockman and Gohmert “queens”? Are the teabaggers gonna go all Alec Baldwin on me?)

But seriously . . . How nuts does a congressman have to be to appeal to his base? This is disgraceful.


I spotted this photo circulating on Facebook. There isn’t a whole lot I can add to this:



And then there’s this:


Atlanta Journal-Constitution Publishes Jewish ‘Slur’ In Crossword Puzzle… (Mediaite)

The answer to 32 Down is “JEW.”

And nobody caught this?

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